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Mobile Computer Labs

16 November 2017

Despite substantial improvement in recent years, Karabagh’s economy and society remain underdeveloped – especially in remote rural areas. Here, a lack of modern facilities and opportunities causes young people to lose hope and emigrate to larger towns and cities, often outside Karabagh. In an effort to address this problem, the Foundation has sought programs that can bring the fruits of development to the countryside, thereby instilling hope amongst its residents.Mobile Computer Labs.jpg

One such program is our Mobile Computer Lab, initiated in 2006, which offers computer training to schoolchildren in Kashatagh. Conducted jointly with a local NGO, the program shuttles instructors on a regular basis to village schools, where students are taught basic operating, word processing, and other computer skills. This year, the program will expand to include internet training, made possible by a partnership grant from Karabakh Telecom.

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