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Grape Cultivation

16 November 2017

Artsakh is rich in arable land, especially in southern Kashatagh, where a variety of fruits and grains have been grown for centuries. Grape cultivation and winemaking became especially popular during the Soviet era, but were totally abandoned due to wartime destruction. Nonetheless, many hectares of abandoned vineyards continue to grow in the wild, well into the 2000s.

Sensing an opportunity, the Foundation examined these areas and found them worthy of rehabilitation. Following intensive restoration work in Urekan and Aigehovit villages, the Foundation brought nearly 40 hectares of vineyards under cultivation, providing steady employment to over 35 inhabitants. From 2006 til 2009, the harvest was transported each fall to wineries in Karabagh and Armenia, and the resulting income was reinvested in Foundation charities in the area.

Having seen the villagers develop skill and knowledge in this field, the Foundation in 2009 relinquished its lease and returned these lands to village ownership. Since that time, some villagers have continued to grow and harvest grapes on their own, while other villagers utilize their lands for other purposes tied to agriculture

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