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Flour Mill & Machinery Base

18 September 2017

Alongside its resettlement efforts, the Foundation provides facilities and services to assist economic development in liberated Artsakh. These include the following:

In 2004, we installed a flour-mill in Aygehovit village, providing accessible, inexpensive milling services to wheat farmers throughout the Kashatagh region. For several years, the mill enabled farmers to easily sell their wheat (or convert it to flour), without having to undertake expensive, arduous journeys to larger faraway mills in Sisian and Goris.After witnessing a shortage of qualified labor, we decided to donate the mill to regional authorities in 2013. Since that time, the mill continues to operate under public supervision.

In 2008, we formed an agricultural machinery base, leasing tractors, combines, and other equipment to farmers in Kashatagh – often at rates significantly below market value. In a region where most small farmers are poor and short on cash, this service stimulates their efforts to remain and cultivate the land. The equipment base remained active until 2011.

Presently, we lease heavy equipment – again, at reasonable rates – to Kashatagh farmers seeking to clear land for agricultural purposes.

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