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Arts Festival in Shushi

18 November 2017

With support from the Foundation, in 2001 “NK Arts” organized the first arts festival in Karabagh’s historic city of Shushi, including participants from Armenia, Artsakh, and the diaspora. The following year, “NK Arts” organized a second gathering — a Festival of Armenian Films.

The “NK Arts” initiative also sought to revive cottage industries in ceramics. It established a workshop in Nungi, a village previously famous for its pottery production. After several years of operation, the workshop closed in 2005.

While in Artsakh, “NK Arts” founder Neery Melkonian researched two additional cottage industries: Production of essential oils from indigenous flowers and plants, and manufacturing of bricks and roof tiles from local clay. While both areas held much potential, they also required considerable market research which was not pursued at that time.

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