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Soldier’s Mother

18 November 2017

Since 1991, the “Soldier’s Mother” NGO has been at the side of soldiers, their families, as well as refugee families, helping to inform them of their legal rights and offering psychological, legal and social aid. Soldier’s Mother also provides checks-and-balances regarding Armenian military institutions and practices, while simultaneously working toward a sustainable peace in the South Caucasus.

As a primary supporter, the Foundation helped Soldier’s Mother not only financially, but in developing an English language brochure and an English language website, helping it better disseminate information about it activities and services.

For many years, the Foundation also sponsored preparatory classes for the children of fallen soldiers who sought admission to college. These classes are necessary in Armenia in order to pass university admissions exams.  With the Foundation’s sponsorship these classes were held free of charge.

Soldier’s Mother now operates independently and self-sufficiently.

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