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A Marathon Run to Combat Domestic Violence

23 June 2018

Domestic violence is one of the most widespread, complex and dangerous challenges women in Armenia are faced with today. Official police reports say that at least 50 women have lost their lives to domestic violence in the past 7 years, with the number of cases increasing yearly.


The Women's Support Center runs two shelters to support women and children from all across Armenia who are fleeing violence and abuse. In the absence of state support, this is a service that is desperately needed in the country.

To help the Center provide essential support to survivors of domestic violence, Anahid Ugurlayan has decided to run a special marathon.
Anahid is an avid marathon runner. This marathon, planned on September 29, will be her 10th. Each run has been aimed at raising funds for her favorite charities, both in Armenia and overseas. Women's rights, particularly the fight against domestic violence, has been a cause that is very close to her heart. 

Help Anahid help women in Armenia who are escaping the scourge of domestic violence to give themselves and their children a chance at a safe and more prosperous life.

Your support will go towards rent, utilities, food, hygienic products, and medical care for 50 women and children to help them regain their dignity and rebuild their lives in a healthy, supportive, and safe environment free of abuse. Because women and children are fleeing extremely dangerous situations and often bring nothing with them to the shelters, providing them with basic necessities truly helps them get back on their feet.


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Watch this short video to learn about the challenges addressed and impact created by the Women’s Support Center. 







The Women’s Support Center, launched in 2010 as a joint program of the Tufenkian Foundation, USAID and the Armenian International Women’s Association, has been at the forefront of the fight against domestic violence throughout the past years.

The full-service domestic violence center run by WSC includes a 24-hour hotline, psychological counseling, a safe house, life and parenting skills training, vocational counseling, legal support, professional training, and education and advocacy programs for women and girls.

The Center upholds a zero tolerance policy for violence against women and seeks to create an environment where women and girls are protected, defended, and nurtured. The mission of the Center is to combat domestic abuse through the protection, rehabilitation, and empowerment of survivors and change the legal, educational, and social conditions that contribute to a culture of silence surrounding domestic violence in Armenia.

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