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A Home for a Wounded Soldier

28 December 2017

This holiday season, your donations can give a home to a family of a wounded soldier in Artsakh!

Meet Mher Araqelyan, a 35 year old father of one who was heavily wounded last year while fighting to defend his native land. 

In April 2016, the people of Artsakh suffered unprecedented violence, as Azerbaijan launched unprovoked assaults along its eastern border. This escalation has been known as the “April War” or “Four-Day War.” 

Mher Araqelyan is one of the soldiers mobilized to protect Artsakh during this war. He was heavily injured  at a front-line base near Jibrayil and has since been facing serious health difficulties. Because of his thigh wound, he is prohibited from doing any physical work and is unable to stand for extended periods. Mher is set to undergo another difficult surgery soon.

Mher is from the village of Karmir Shuka (Կարմիր Շուկա), where his parents and brothers currently live. As the family home is too small for everyone to live in, Mher had to move out and rent a house in another village together with his wife and child.

Since Mher has been unable to work since his injury, the family primarily relies on his disability pension and the support of Mher's and his wife's parents. Without a house of their own, the family spends most of their small income on rent.

Mher and his wife will soon become parents for the second time - they are expecting a child. As they prepare to welcome their second child, their only New Year's wish is to have a home they can call their own.

One year ago, Mher risked his life and sacrificed his health to protect the ancestral homeland of all Armenians. Today, your donations can help his family start a new life in their own home.

To purchase and renovate a house for Mher's family in his native Karmir Shuka, the Tufenkian Foundation has already raised 10,000 USD. We need another 15,000 USD to support this family, and contributions of any size will help.

Giving them a home of their own is the least we can do in gratitude for Mher's bravery. Let's make his dream a reality!

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